Ongoing Training:
Summer Training Program in the municipalities of Gjilan, Prizren and Pejë

Dear all,
Upon the request of our interested clients, we would like to provide some basic information on the Program: “2013 Summer Training in the Municipalities of Gjilan, Prizren and Pejë”.

Many students from your town are following regular three-month trainings held in Prishtinë. However, due to various reasons a large number of others are not able to come to Prishtinë. This is the reason why AFAS decided to come closer to its potential candidates, and begin with trainings in your municipality starting from 12 August through to 12 October 2013. This is a unique chance for you to attend the training with the same trainers who work in the central AFAS Training Centre in Prishtinë.

The following modules will be delivered:
• Accounting;
• Balance Sheet Analysis;
• Applied Taxes; and
• Practical Part – Application of Accounting Software.
Training will be carried out for two different groups:

1) First Group – General
Training is open for all interested clients (citizens of relevant municipalities).
The price for non-scholarship candidates is EUR 200 Euro. The payment can be made in two installments (EUR 100 prepaid and EUR 100 by 12 September 2013).

2) Second Group – Public University Scholarship holders
Training activities in AFAS have a long lasting history, dating back in 1993. Nevertheless we would like to highlight the Project implemented as of 2009 called “Training and Practice for the Best Students of Faculty of Economics” from the Public University of Prishtinë. This Project was generously supported by USAID/KPEP Program. The Project was also implemented in the Faculty of Agriculture of the same University with the assistance of USAID/NOA Program. Since 2009, through this Project more than 1000 students have attended on the job-trainings in banks, micro financial institutions or renowned local companies.
For the first time during this year, this Program will be expanded in other municipalities; with the involvement of Public University in your municipality.
The total price for scholarship holders is EUR 100 (total amount should be prepaid).
General Information:

Training will last for two months, three days per week/three academic hours. Following your application you will receive information on the time and venue of trainings. The schedule will be decided after the establishment of training groups. The application deadline is 5 August 2013.

The online application should be sent to Program Officer, Mr. Luan Matoshi.
Please apply on:
For additional information, please call:

038 248 631, 044 522 552

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