The business and finance consultancy services are provided by Business Smart Solutions in the following fields:

• Accounting;
• Financial Reporting;
• Tax Reporting and Balance Sheet Statements;
• Business Organization;
• Business Sales, Mergers and Alternations;
• Recommendations for Business Affairs; 
• Drafting of Financial Statements;
• Drafting of Financial Projections and Business Plans;
• Management Reporting; 
• Anti-fraud Consultancy;
• Development of Distribution Channels and Professional Services; 
• International Accounting Standards (IAS) and Auditing; 
• International Financial Reporting Standards. 

The number of clients who have entrusted to us these services thanks to our commitment and efficiency is quite numerous. Business Smart Solutions operates in domestic market with clients coming from different entities, such as: 

• Share holding companies;
• Trade companies; 
• Manufacturing companies;
• Service providers;
• Limited Partnership;
• General Partnerships;
• Individual businesses;
• Non for Profit Organizations (NPOs)

Business Smart Solutions is a specialized company in tax, accounting and auditing counseling. The Business Smart Solutions business objective is to provide solutions to businesses aimed at their furthering and promotion. By protecting interest of clients through proper financial reporting, at the same time Business Smart Solutions contributes to the positive development and progress of the country.

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