When we decided to start our training and accounting consultancy back in 1993 our objective was to see our clients satisfied with our services and to instill trust and credibility amongst them. Over the years, this trust gained ground thus helping us and our clients grow and develop. AFAS is today proud of its reputation and achievements. The journey through the road paved and enlightened by the first 14 students in 1993 has been experienced by many thousands of others during these 20 years.

We are satisfied that we managed to become leaders in Accounting and Finance domain. When one speaks of trainings and accounting consultancy, the first think that comes to peoples mind is AFAS. This success came as a result of hard work and commitment, always striving to employ very sincere and transparent approach towards our clients and discharging our services in a qualitative and timely manner.

The long list of our clients is a living testament of our excellence. At present, we provide a wide array of quality services, always nurturing interactive and friendly relations with our clients.



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